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E-commerce Fulfillment

Here at iStore iSend, our warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment management solutions stand at the top of the industry. We only use state-of-the-art technology, skilled teams, and fully scalable fulfillment solutions to meet your B2B and B2C needs.

your sales

We’re proud to have helped thousands of e-commerce businesses successfully scale their operations online. With iStore iSend’s professional fulfillment team, your picking, packing, and shipping processes will become seamless so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business!

your customers

Speedy, accurate, and trackable fulfillment equals happy customers and positive reviews. We even save money on your end with our robust e-commerce fulfillment processes. iStore iSend removes bottlenecks as your e-commerce store grows, so you can focus on increasing your sales.

your operations

Keeping track of multiple shopping channels, couriers, and orders puts a huge strain on your time and resources. Our exclusive ODIN system with real-time inventory reporting lets you stay close to all the insights and statistics you could possibly need. This intuitive order and fulfillment platform gives you a one-stop shop to view and manage all your orders in one convenient system.

End-to-end E-commerce Fulfillment solutions providing seamless order fulfillment for small and larger brands.

Benefit from a complete e-commerce fulfillment solution that quickens your delivery times and boosts customer satisfaction. Our services improve the quality of your logistics allowing you to optimize your processes and sales conversion rates.

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E-Commerce Fulfillment

We help businesses grow by managing their inventory and fulfillment needs from our centre in Malaysia. We meticulously store, pick, pack, and deliver your orders automatically. By integrating our process and cloud-based systems with your site, we can smoothly deal with orders in the shortest possible time.

Brand Store Solution

Brand/Store Management

Gain the confidence that comes from always exceeding your customer’s expectations. Our flexible, multi-channel handles the workings of your stores and ensures fast, reliable, and low-cost solutions for everything from order management to final delivery.

Grow Your Business with iStore iSend

Leveraging decades of experience, iStore iSend has the proper experience to ensure seamless business operations in this competitive environment. Our massive warehouse capacities and flexible fulfillment solutions streamline your product’s picking, packing, and shipping processes. This allows us to handle your goods with greater speed, care, and accuracy than any other service. Your customer will know the status of their order as soon as they place it!

Why choose us

iStore iSend supports you every step of the way to ensure the success of your online business. We have tried and true fulfillment processes and are always growing alongside you with scalable and flexible e-commerce fulfillment solution. Our one-stop management hub gives your business the perfect space to grow.

Inbound & Storage

From Inbounding to Returns Management, our experience-based solutions are proven to improve your warehouse and business operations.


Our inhouse proprietary fulfillment technology and software streamlines operations and enhances the accuracy and speed of processing orders.


Partners with the most cost-effective logistics and last mile providers. This ensures a great shipping experience for customers while keeping your costs low.


As pioneers in the e-commerce field, we’ve made online management and warehouse operations even smarter with new technology and strategies.

Regional Capabilities

With fulfillment centers set up in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand to meet clients requirements and needs.

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Grow Your Business with Proven E-commerce Fulfillment Solutions​

Let iStore iSend Help Your E-commerce Business Thrive.

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Unlock your potential, scale up your business, and conquer the region with the help of iStore iSend today.