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5 Things to Know Before Selecting a Fulfillment Warehouse Centre

Things to Know Before Selecting a Fulfillment Warehouse Centre
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You’ve heard of fast shipping, but as easy as it seems from a customer’s perspective where parcels are just dropped off and shipped right to their houses—the process is so much more than that. Aside from prioritising shipping off deliveries to customers to ensure fast shipping timelines, another option is to choose the right fulfillment warehouse centre to help you out. Now, as an e-Commerce business there are a few factors to consider when selecting a fulfillment partner and their warehouses. While this selection process may seem difficult, don’t worry because we have compiled a list of 5 Things to Know Before Selecting a Fulfillment Warehouse Centre.
As the perfect list to refer to whenever you’re in doubt, here are our suggestions to helping you choose the best fulfilment warehouse centre for your e-Commerce business.

The 5 Essentials

1. Location of Warehouses

Did you know that the physical location of warehouses is important? If you haven’t thought of it, let us tell you that having warehouses in strategic locations where your customers are would help save shipping time and reduce delivery costs. If your warehouse is located far away from customers, you will have to pay more to cover shipping costs. Aside from lengthy delivery times, your operating expenses would also be hiked up in the long-run due to faraway locations of the fulfilment warehouses to your customers. Now, remember to choose a fulfillment partner who has warehouses in strategic locations near your customers!

2. Pricing

While pricing is an important factor for many businesses, know that the cheapest options aren’t necessarily the worst, and the most expensive ones aren’t always the best. Research on the fulfilment providers and their warehouses to know what kind of storage and delivery services they provide and what you need for your e-Commerce business. Surely, it wouldn’t make sense if you were to partner with a cold storage fulfilment expert when you’re an e-Commerce business selling apparels right? And even if they do provide normal fulfilment, prices may be much more expensive, and you would be better off finding other fulfillment warehouse centres. So, make sure you understand what you need and do your research!

3. Storage Requirements

Does your products have strict storing requirements (e.g. hazardous or flammable)? If so, make sure the fulfillment warehouse centre you choose has trained personnel and relevant equipment that can help properly manage and store your inventories. Make sure to also check with them if they have any systems or SOPs in place that can help prevent potential disasters such as fires or floods. Now, being proactive and taking extra steps to ensure the safety of your inventories goes a long way so remember to trust us on this one. It’s much better to be safe than sorry especially if you want your e-Commerce business to succeed without being weighed down.

4. Technology

A warehouse equipped with the latest technologies and advanced inventory management systems will help open doors for your e-Commerce business. Now, this is especially important as an e-Commerce business as you would want inventory management systems that allow integration with major e-Commerce platforms. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of choosing a fulfillment partner with warehousing technology that is outdated or outsourced, even if they may seem cheaper! You’ll be incurring more costs in the long run as inefficiencies or hidden “additional costs” appear. Save yourself the hassle and choose fulfillment partners with established Online Delivery and Inventory Networks.

5. Competency

We’ve always talked about how reliable and trusted your chosen fulfillment partner should be, and there’s a solid reason behind it. This is because the fulfillment process does not only begin when a customer places an order. From storing your products in their warehouses to returns management, enquire with your fulfillment partner regarding their processes and capability of handling your business operations. After all, you wouldn’t want to find out that your fulfillment partner is incompetent in handling returns management well months into operations (and if you do, it might be best to switch to a more reliable partner!). Doing your homework certainly helps, and ultimately keeps your business going smooth.

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