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Your one-stop logistics solution provider, helping to deliver happiness to your clients where it counts. Whether you need fulfillment services, warehousing, pick & pack services, or just looking for delivery, look no further, we are here to make your life easier.

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About Us


This is it. You have set up your dream online business offering the next game-challenging product - boutique apparel, accessories, cookies, cosmetics, books or anything your mind can conceive. Whatever it is, it's bound to be a rousing success.

But as the orders start flying in and volume increases, logistics become a major consideration. Having a good product is one thing; string and delivering it well is another. Eventually, you realise what a tiring process it is - finding the right avenues for handling your storage, managing payment processes, transferring to shipment while checking that nothing goes missing and making sure the customer actually receives it!

This is where iSIS comes into the picture. We are Malaysia's first one-stop logistics solutions provider, handling the A to Zs from fulfilment services, warehousing, pick & pack services to regular delivery. Everything is housed under one roof so that you only need to deal with us. We'll take care of the nitty-gritty details. You get to focus on doing what you do best - nurturing and growing your business.

The Story Behind iSIS

iSIS started from a conversation between several friends with a shared passion for entrepreneurship. From their own experiences, they noted the vast options available to online businesses for web hosting and payment gateways. But when it came to logistics, there seemed to be no integrated service provider. Thus, entrepreneurs were often left frustrated at having to deal with endless avenues. It was almost tragic - all that hassle for something that seemed almost an afterthought when starting the business.

Then the idea struck. "Why don't we start a business that helps other entrepreneurs with this troublesome aspect?".

Thus iSIS was born. Short for "i Store I Send", iSIS promises to be a powerful tool for Malaysia's e-commerce ecosystem. Think of us as a versatile logistics department for any business - someone you can count on to handle storage, inventory listing, order processing, fulfilment and delivery. Also, our use of cloud-based systems.

"Smile! We're here to make business fun for you."

How It Works

storage picking packing wms delivery cold-delivery

"Support and Provide Logistics Services for Entrepreneurs and SMI/E which utilizes e-commerce."

Products & Services


Our secured warehouse with state of the art management system will help get your product fulfilled and delivered accurately.

  • wms


    Manage your inventory accurately and effectively, reducing stock losts with our Warehouse Management System.

  • storage

    Storing Products

    Reduce your fix cost, increase or reduce of storage space according to your needs, clients will only pay for space that is used.

  • picking


    System guided picking process to ensure that the right product at the correct quantity reaches the right customers.

  • packing


    Professional packaging enabling your customer to receive their package with an ease of mind.

  • odin


    Clients can check existing stock status on a real time basis to ensure no orders are left out.

  • delivery

    Carrier Selection

    Selecting the most cost-effective carrier/courier selection, based on location and service level provided.


In-House delivery team build for that added touch of service (limited coverage area for in-house delivery).

  • delivery

    Sameday Delivery

    iSIS also offers sameday delivery for time sensitive packages. Able to help deliver last minute parcels to customer within selected area.

  • odin


    Key in delivery orders easily, and track your parcels through ODiN's simple interface. Schedule your pick-up with just a few clicks online.

  • cod

    Cash on Delivery

    iSIS offers Cash on Delivery (COD) services, specially for online merchants that deal with high value goods.

"Offers Total Logistics Solutions and Service to E-Commerce which Covers Storage and Delivery."

Career Opportunity

Interested to explore a career in E-Fulfillment / E-commerce? Apply now at iSIS. Fresh graduates are highly welcome.